The Tech and Santa Clara County Wellness Fairs

Welcome to Santa Clara County Wellness Fair!

An outside fair with no power means it’s Snack Attack! time.

We taught simple snacks to make at home including:

Mango Chia Breakfast Pudding

Strawberries Get the Blues

Kohlrabi Cracker

Cauli-Tofu Jalapesto Bite

And learned why not to eat sugary drinks as snacks.

The next day, The Tech Museum in San Jose held three, 45 minute private classes while the fair was happening at another location in the museum. A separate room allows students to focus on the class without the joyful, but noisy distraction surrounding a wellness fair.

For the grains class we learned different ways to cook a grain

Everyone helped grind the gomasio, a sesame seed and sea salt condiment.

To put on our Japanese Hot Pot covering pressure-cooked Hato Mugi (barley), brown rice and Emmer, alongside Baked Millet Quinoa and Corn.

The Protein class made four dishes, combining all the lessons learned in the first two classes.

Apricot-Glazed Tofu, Quick Indian Curry, and Sriracha-Glazed Beef, alongside seared and marinated Tempeh (a whole soybean, fermented plant-based protein, seen here bottom right.

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