Sunday Dinners with Neely Wine – Class #3

Our third class was Entrees – The Spice of Life. Menu inspiration was Moroccan spice, pomegranate and aromatic sauces. Paired wine was 2017 Hidden Block Pinot Noir.

Moroccan Tajine with Lamb

Inspiration also came from a recent bicycle trip I took to Morocco

While visiting the country, we stayed at an Atlas mountain “gite;” or traditional Berber-style mud-brick accommodation

With a nice kitchen

Every morning at 6:30 AM, the woman gathered in the “bakery” to bake the Khobz, or Moroccan street bread, sold in every town.

Dough rises overnight and shaped into disks in the morning.

Some are filled “like buritto.”

And all baked in the wood fire oven.

We wanted to create the same feeling in class with Neely Winery.

So everyone made Khobz!

To pair with delicious wine and both a Vegetable with Tempeh Tajine,

and Lamb Tajine (over whole grain and red lentil couscous).

And for garnish, we started a simple yet so flavorful batch of Preserved Lemons which have been curing now for 6 + weeks (almost time to taste!)

Thanks to the woman of Morocco and to everyone who came to class. Bon appetite or better yet شهية !طيبة

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