Sugar Blues with Hopkins & Carley

The jar holds 3# sugar. How many jars does the average American eat per year? 50! Where does most of it hide? In sugar-sweetened soda
You must control your brain on sugar or it will control you. Fast Carbs, Slow Carbs teaches the current science.
Other motivations for control are recipes that satisfy. Try fruit water…
or The Three Pleasures: any combo of fruit, nut and chocolate.
Which can come in many forms like this homemade Cashew Cream with Raspberry and Chocolate shavings.
At Hopkins Carley we made a Vanilla Chia Pudding with no added sweetener, topped with The Three Pleasures
A Keto Keylime Krunch, sweetened with monkfruit.
And gluten free Paleo Breakfast Muffins, sweetened with banana and blueberry. In class you get to taste it all! Book Chef Laura for your next wellness week.

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