Stanford Microbiome Study – a cook in pictures

Researchers at Stanford are starting to think that not only what we eat, but the order in which we eat it, might effect our microbiome, the bacteria that live in and on our bodies. The Microbiome Individuality and Stability Over Time study will test this theory.

20 study participants will eat the same meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack, for 7 days. We call it a Microbiotic Bowl, and we had to cook it.

This required A LOT of food. Try 33 rotisserie chickens, 35 pounds of carrots, 17 pounds of parmesan cheese, 210 cups of stock…

cartons of corn (63 pounds to be exact) and yes, hotdogs too (bowl composition based on the NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) data for Standard American Diet.

We had buckets of broccoli (30#)

And reams of rice (60# raw or 143# cooked)

plus 65 pounds of onions and a few other ingredients covered with love, and our yummy, savory gravy.

All ingredients were weighed carefully…

to make sure bowls had the same nutrient levels.

We divided, conquered…

tossed, seasoned, and packaged.

After 37 hours in the kitchen, the FINAL bowl was assembled.

and soon after – the 1000th package.


Next stop – the freezer at Stanford, where bowls await the bellies of our beloved study participants.

Stay tuned for a report on study results.

A special thanks to Brad at 1505 Kitchen in San Jose, and our A+ crew for a such a focused and joyful job in the kitchen.

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