Snack Attack! at Apple

We had a great wellness class at Apple this week. Thanks to Susan and the Apple dietitians for the invite, and everyone else who worked on Snack Attack!,  just one of the classes I offer. For the best in corporate wellness entertainment, please keep me in mind if you are building a diverse wellness program, or are hosting an employee health fair. Harvard University determines that every dollar invested by employers on employee wellness can result in medical cost savings of $3.27.

Getting ready for class


Joined by 60 students.


Those in the back can see using wireless Ipad + Apple TV technology.

IMG_4504 IMG_4498

The snacks we made included Roasted Candied Carrots, Kale Pesto with Veggies, Black Pepper Curry Nut Mix, and Kale Almond Butter Rollups.


Our sponsor was Coco-Roons


What’s hiding in your soda? Try 11 teaspoons of sugar.





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