Snack Attack! #3 – Barron Park Elementary

This is the third year in a row we return to Barron Park School for Snack Attack! The program is sponsored by the PTA auction & Fund a Need.

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We teach the entire school of 400 students in 4 half day sessions.

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Depending on the ages, we alternated between 4 different snacks. Each student got a chance to make 3 snacks of their own at hands on stations manned by myself and school volunteers. We made:



















Almond Date Hemp Blueberry Bars (we had nut free options too).



Asian Lettuce Cups (complete with a cooking lesson on chopping and sauteing.


Everyone has fun at Snack Attack! and most every student not only tries the snacks – THEY LIKE THEM and make them at home!


“I have greatly enjoyed your “productions” with the kids. (Thank you, PTA for your sponsorship!) They really do get excited about it & it does have an impact! Thank you for adding to my own repertoire of healthy eating. My daughter now cooks “Cool Cuisine” at my house!”

– Magdalena Fittoria, Principal, Barron Park Elementary School
Palo Alto Unified School District