New Technologies with the Apple Business Team

Thanks to Joy, Eres and Chris for helping me incorporate new technologies and features into my cooking classes and speaking engagements. The Ipad is connected wirelessly to the room monitors or a projector via Apple TV, allowing easy switching from the IPad camera, to a Powerpoint, to a video, and even into live audience polling. Photos by Kreitz Creative Images.

Mount the ipad onto the tripod

Laura Stec Demo Photo -8

Choose the program you want to use such as

Laura Stec Demo Photo -1


Laura Stec Demo Photo -2

Laura Stec Demo Photo -4

Or show close up cutting board action with the camera. Tripod can be placed on the side or above.

Laura Stec Demo Photo -11

We can broadcast onto monitors or onto screens.


If you don’t have a screen or monitor, we can always project the image onto a white wall.


This technology is especially important when teaching large rooms of students, because those in back can not see what is happening on the cutting board without it.

IMG_4483 IMG_4931

And seeing is believing!

Laura Stec Demo Photo -12-1



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