Higher Flavor, Lower Salt, Better Fat with PHI

Two 30 minute classes today with the Public Health Institute in Oakland – EZ Seasoning and Higher Flavor, Lower Salt, Better Fat.


Among the recipes we did was Sriracha Glazed Beef and Tofu (adapted for a lower sodium result).


We also did a Mushroom Powder Taste Test ( an umami punch with no added sodium). Use in soup, stews, eggs, tomato sauce, or mix with salt to add flavor and reduce sodium – great as a meat rub. So many uses. Keep a jar near your salt bowl. I find that portabello and morel powders offer the deepest flavor. Grind whole dry mushrooms in a coffee grinder or blender.


And we tasted malt powder as a low sodium flavor-flave (dried malt vinegar). Buy online.


77% of the sodium you eat comes from processed foods. The largest food contributor? Bread and bready products! So fyi – Morton’s salt is double the sodium as Kosher (kosher granules are double the size). Do a salt taste comparison. You’ll never eat Morton again.


Another flavor enhancer is caramellized tomato paste. Low sodium and great in soups and stews. Toast up those leftover cans of tomato paste (3 minutes in a dry skillet) and freeze in an icecube tray for another day.


We talked enhancing vegetable flavor and secrets by caramelization at 330F degrees or higher, dry heat of roasting, grilling, sauteling and broiling.


EZ Seasoning handout | watch out you’ll be eating more veggies. The following photos by My Thu Bui.


Cool Ipad technology

Image 4

Sous chef Janet

Image 14

quick curry | cumin mustard carrot lime | hato mugi brown rice | dang

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Girlz got it going

Image 17

cauliflower steak | sriracha tofu beef | caramelized onion | nutritional yeast | mushroom powder wow

Image 46

Sriracha-Glazed Tofu Grass Fed Beef

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