Green Ninja – Iron Green Chef

Green Ninja: To design learning experiences that inspire student engagement in solution-based science

Green Ninja is an educational initiative to inspire interest in the science and solutions associated with our changing climate. Adventures of the Green Ninja – a superhero – are told in a youth-oriented and humorous way, but grounded in science and data. Green Ninja curriculum is used to support teachers in the classroom and promote hands-on learning experiences that are designed to meet the Next Generation Science Standards. It is a collaboration at San Jose State University.

For the Iron Green Chef episode, guess who was the chef?


In a fiery battle of burgers, the Green Ninja faces off against the fast-food flinger himself: Chef Artie Fisher! They compete to make the perfect All-American Burger. Everybody likes their burger differently, so it is not a surprise that the two chefs choose different ingredients.

IMG_3915 IMG_3877

The Green Ninja’s final product is flawless


while Artie’s burger turns out all wrong!



A few more behind the scenes shots

IMG_3900 IMG_3933



Green Ninja is the collaborative effort of teachers and students at San Jose State, led by my co-author of Cool Cuisine, Dr. Eugene Cordero, professor of atmospheric science.


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