Fonio with Gatom Foods

Gatom Foods is a superfood company that empowers sub Saharan African smallholder farmers to rid their communities of poverty and malnutrition and to become leading suppliers of healthy foods to world consumers.

Gatom Foods owner Gnakouri Tohouri talks to a Stanford entrepreneurial engineering class about fonio.

Fonio is gluten free nutrient-dense grain packed with protein, essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Quite possibly the fastest growing grain (6-8 weeks), fonio packs the power of quinoa even though it’s half the size.

Later in the class, chef Laura steps up to demo breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.

A fast-cooking, hot breakfast cereal.

A lunch preparation; fonio couscous into…

Fonio Tabbouleh.

And for dinner, saute the fonio with milk, cheese and vegetables into dishes like….

Chicken with Mushroom Leek and Fonio Polenta.

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