Green Ninja – Iron Green Chef

Green Ninja: To design learning experiences that inspire student engagement in solution-based science Green Ninja is an educational initiative to inspire interest in the science and solutions associated with our changing climate. Adventures of the Green Ninja – a superhero – are told in a youth-oriented and humorous way, but grounded in science and data…. continue reading

City of Palo Alto – Food Waste Reduction Series

In attempts to rescue 3000 tons of food scrap waste per year, the City of Palo Alto embarked on a 2015 corporate campaign to teach businesses how to reduce food scrap waste. We went to a number of local companies teaching Leftover Makeover, and Fabulous Dishes, No Recipes Required. Here are a few… At Medallia,… continue reading

Leftover Makeover with CRRA

California Resource Recovery Association Conference. Aug 5, 2014. The Fairmont, San Jose. “I heard so many great things about your presentation – we very much appreciate your participation.” – CRRA Conference Manager We made nine new dishes out of our baseline Roasted Veggies and Pressure Cooked Brown Rice and Hato Mugi (Asian barley) and turned… continue reading