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Wellness Events

For the best in corporate wellness entertainment, try a 5-Minute Cooking Class, a Discovery Bar, or go all out with a Food Party! Designed for fairs where attendees quickly pass by tables—these activities add a delicious and novel attraction to your health fair or wellness event.

    5-Minute Cooking Classes

    Discovery Bar

    Food And Wine

    The Food Party!

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Cooking Classes

Laura teaches cooking classes and lectures publicly about healthy, easy eating, green cuisine trends, regionally responsible food service, and feeding body, mind and planet. Classes and lectures are given regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area, but are also offered nationally, and are perfect for any office setting. Presentations to groups both large and small can be given to businesses, community groups or school groups. No kitchen is required. Depending on the event, you may select a cooking demonstration, a 5-Minute Cook Class, a combined event such as a Discovery Bar + 1/2 hour cook class, or a more formal lecture. Events are tailored to your specific requirements and designed to fit your budget. Recipes and food samples included.


    Healthy Cooking Classes

    Easy Cuisine – Quick Cooking for Optimal Health

    Higher Flavor, Lower Salt and Fat

    Eat More Vegetables

    My Vegetarian Family Member is Driving Me Crazy!

    Not Your Fathers Grill Class

    Leftover Makeover

    Guys in the Kitchen – Knives, Dudes and Game Foods

    Home for the Holidays - Appetizers and Side Dishes

    Farm to Fork with the Seasons

    Manage Your Microbes

    Technique / Hands On Classes

    Appy Hour

    Snack Attack!

    Basic Knife Skills

    Spice it Up - The Art of Seasoning

    Lessons in Dairy

    Tasting Classes

    Taste Your Way Thru the Book - A Cool Cuisine

    Tour California - Artisan Cheese and Red, White, or Green?

    Port, Cheese, and Chocolate

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