A Year at the Farmers Market

We spent the year with California Farmers Market Association, visiting different markets with easy, seasonal dishes you will cook at home.

September 2017 – Morgan Hill Farmers Market

Unexpected Produce Day

We made two dishes, the first using just arrived Celeriac, an amazing veggie with A LOT of Vitamin C and K, iron and phosphorus.


Cube and blanch the celeriac, then saute with sweet potato and apple.

Recipe: Celeriac Sweet Potato Hash


Next we made Shaved Fall Salad with these ingredients all served raw.

Who knew you could eat butternut squash or celeriac raw?
September 2017
Fort Mason Farmers Market
Mushroom & Fig Day

We used Trumpets and….


oyster mushrooms cut very small to replace half the beef in…


Half and Half Burger. You can replace 1/2 the ground beef with sauted mushrooms and people won’t even notice. Served here with Mushroom ketchup and Mushroom mayo (Don’t throw shiitake stems away. Infuse them into store bought products for a heightened taste.)


Then we took Locarno Brie, a yummy Nicasio Valley cheese, based in Marin, CA.


Sliced figs with a X on top, placed the cheese into the groove and grilled with butter


A perfect dessert. Geogia O’Keeffe – would love these



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