10 Questions with Chef Laura

Meet the Chef: Interview With Laura Stec

Laura Stec is a chef, educator, and author specializing in events and products for healthy people and the planet. Her work has been featured in NPR, Martha Stewart, the Wall Street Journal, and Scientific American. We sent some questions to Chef Laura to learn more about her and her life in the world of cuisine.

You discuss vegan Latin American cooking and grilling with veggies in this series. If there was only one takeaway tip you could impart to people above all others about making vegetables delicious, what would it be?

Vegetables have secrets! What is it? They are sweet! Think about an onion. Raw, it doesn’t taste sweet, but sauté and what happens? Onions caramelize and become sweet – due to the carbohydrates in the onion browning and enhancing when they reach 330 F (166-ish C), or higher. All vegetables are made of carbohydrates, so all vegetables can caramelize if they reach that magical temperature.

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