Tasting at Neely Winery

Neely Winery is Portola Valley’s first public winery. Congratulations on their first wine club pickup!

It started with a bunch of flowers from the yard.

We added some pretty tomatoes

Some great volunteers

And of course delicious wine to get…

Herb Cheese Watermelon Radish Dill Pickled Carrot Flatbread

Garlic Spread Tomato Zucchini Basil Fried Caper Calabrian Pepper Flatbread. (Learn more about Farmers Flatbreads at The Food Party! Shop Like an Artist at the Farmers Market.)

Quince Manchego Proscuitto Pintxo

Souvlaki Chicken with Charmoula
Carrot Avocado Nasturtium Beet Gomasio Flatbread
and Chili Almond Watermelon with Avocado Creame.

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