Plant- Forward 2020

The current trend and best way of eating is plant-forward, building your meals with plant foods and adding meat (if at all) as a condiment or side dish. Plants feed the microbiome that live in our gut and help keep our digestive system working well. Plants help keep our skin looking bright and our eyes seeing clearly. Plants offer much more creativity than meats because they are so many more types, textures and colors. Let’s experiment! This class teaches how to incorporate more vegetables, grains, nuts, beans and fruits into our diet.

In the past we have made foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including Vegetable Bagel, Overnight Oats with cauliflower rice or grated zucchini, Lunch Bowl Many Ways, Farro Risotto with Crema of Choice (Root Vegetable or Cheezy Tahini), Scallion, Nut and Seed Relish, Tempeh with Brown Butter Chardonnay Sauce.

We also show how to press tofu to remove excess water.

Then marinate in BBQ Sauce…

And grill for a chewy, savory plant-based addition to your next BBQ that everyone will enjoy.

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