Laura Stec - Innovative Cuisine
Planet on a Plate


The Decadent Dinner parties have been hosted by Laura and environmental organization Acterra since 1994. These savory salubrious celebrations of organic, local, seasonal, high-vibe cuisine educate how to have a positive effect on the environment through food choices by promoting plant-based foods and the farmers who grew them.

"We have such a limited concept of the word decadence in this country," says Stec. "Most people think of decadence as overeating fried fat and plates of protein. True decadence however, is eating beautifully presented, fresh organic foods, grown with hands of loving grace, in a wonderful environment, surrounded by our friends, family and community."

  • November '94: Wine tasting and Appetizers
  • February '95: Valentines Day Sweet Feast
  • April '95: Restoration Radiant Health
  • May '95: Bikes, Burgers and Brews
  • August '95: Summer Savory Celebration
  • September '95: Pasta-o'-Rama
  • October '95: Halloween Spooky Tooth Feast
  • December '95: BAA Humbug Bash
  • February '96: The Like Water for Chocolate Party
  • April '96: Babette's Green Tie Feast
  • June '96: Homebrew and BAA-B-Q
  • September '96: Welcome Back Pizza Party
  • November '96: The Living Thanksgiving
  • February '97: The Sing and Cook Italian Party
  • April '97: Feast for the Forest - The WWWeb of Life
  • August '97: Homebrew and BAA-B-Q II
  • October '97: Food for the Future
  • January '98: BAAchanalian Banquet
  • February '98: Una Noche con El Niño
  • April '98: A Sense of Plates - foods from around the Bay area
  • June '98: Wok on the Wild Side
  • October '99: Edible Art and Appetizers
  • October '00: Friday the 13th - Superstitious Supper
  • February '01: Le Diner de la Decadence
  • April '01: Sustainable Supper
  • April '02: Tastes of the Bay
  • April '04: 10 Year Anniversary
  • April '05: Planet on Our Plate


Here are some photos & images from past Environmental Eating Action Team events: