Japanese Cooking with Macrobiotics (virtual)

Macro (large) biotics (life) is a holistic practice that guides choices in nutrition and lifestyle, promoting health as individual responsibility. Originating in Japan, macrobiotics combines the “super foods” of Japanese cuisine such as tamari, miso, umeboshi, sea vegetables, pickles and dashi, with seasonal and local whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables. Dairy-free with little if any meat, macrobiotics teaches that “the energy of the cook goes into the food, and the energy of the food goes into the cook.” This class introduces main ideas and cooks a meal which highlights the philosophy, the concept of “umami” (the 5th taste), and the hot trend of Japanese cuisine.

Here’s an example of a traditional macrobiotic meal:

Miso Soup with Kabocha, Onion, Wakame and Green Onions, Japanese Hotpot with Cauliflower Kudzu and Tofu Pressure Cooked Hato Mugi and Brown Rice, Gomasio, Greens with Sauted Shallots and Shittake, Kinpira, Grated Daikon and Green Onion with Soy Sauce, Rice Bran Pickles, Kukicha “Twig” Tea

Traditional Ramen with homemade Miso-Pickled Vegetables
Hotpot and Gomasio
Sea Palm Salad with Miso Pickles
Pressed Salad

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