Inflammation Be Gone

“How many of you suffer from inflammation?” This is the first question asked to students of the class, Inflammation be Gone. There are over 100 different types of inflammation, including the most common inflammatory arthritis. Since we all have different reactions to outside influences such as food, and different triggers to pain, it’s hard for current medical practices to solve our problems. Therefore, we must become our own experiments, using our bodies to test possible solutions. I have studied inflammation for years, specifically from issues associated with my work, and repetitive stress injuries; much with good results. I have a lot to share.

Inflammation can occur when our immune system recognizes something foreign, such as chemicals, microbes, pollen and food, and then releases chemicals to combat the invasion that increase blood flow, white blood cells, and fluid. The result can be swelling, redness, itching and pain. Class begins with a list of foods that can hurt and help this process (based on research at Harvard School of Nutrition.)

We discuss benefits from over-the-counter supplements such as turmeric pills and DIY tinctures, CBD and collagen powder first, then address each food category above, demonstrating ways to cook and eat our way toward better outcomes.

Turmeric Tincture

Some of the dishes we make in class might include….

Fruit Herb waters
Jackfruit Seitan Tacos with Turmeric Yoghurt and Cashew Creame
Emmer with Walnut and Anchovy Broccoli
Fresh Banana-only Icecream

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