Cooking at the Market 2019

Starting our third season of farmers market cook classes designed to teach people fun things to do with foods they bought at the Portola Valley market.


Easter Brunch

Sponsor: Bianchini’s Market

Darn, you still need a recipe for Sunday brunch. Something different, but homey too. Oh gosh, and the new friend is a vegetarian.

Tasting Menu

Fresh Fruit and Cheese Blintzes

with farms Gallardo, Esquivel, Victorian Farmstead & Hidden Star

Potato and Tempeh Sausage

with farms Gallardo & Thomas Fogarty

We ground up tempeh (plant-based soy protein) in a food processor and marinated it in vegetable stock, soy sauce, and our local market wine, Thomas Fogarty Chardonnay. This mixed with Gallardo blanched potatoes and Whiskey Oak Steak seasoning, turned into our vegan Potato Tempeh Sausages.

Then an easy mix of cottage and ricotta cheese (the best you can find) made up the filling for our Cheese Blintzes (here made with gluten free flour and almond milk.

Blintzes with Berries

Potato Tempeh Sausages

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