Cooking at the Market 2019

This is our third season of farmers market cook classes designed to teach people fun, easy ways to use foods bought at the Portola Valley market.


The Tomatoes of Summer

Sponsor: Bianchini’s Market

Tomatoes were slow to arrive this year but the market was overflowing today. We started with Vodka-spiked Cherry Tomatoes, best marinated overnight, but if you are in a rush, cut them in half.

Use the tomatoes for your Sunday Bloody Mary or scrambled eggs, or as a garnish for Market Gazpacho, a perfect recipe to shop for at the market this time of year.

Pickled Tomatoes were also featured, a combination of market olive oil, garlic and spices

Finally, take out the old spiralizer and use plentiful zucchini

as the base for our vegan Pesto alla Trapanese, a Sicilian dish made with sauted tomato and no cheese.

Thanks Bianchini’s! Get the recipes here: Market Gazpacho

Vodka-spiked Cherry Tomatoes

Zoodles with Pesto alla Trapanese

Pickled Tomatoes


Farmers Flatbreads

Sponsor: Pacific TherX

In the summer the market is packed with vibrant colors that make for a perfect palette of imagination. Design your own edible masterpiece with Farmers Flatbreads. Today we made Herb Cheese Watermelon Radish Dill Pickled Carrot Flatbread on Little Sky Bakery bread, using thinly sliced watermelon radish and cucumber, topped with pickled carrots and dill

Then we did Carrot Avocado Nasturtium Beet Gomasio Flatbreads, pressure cooking Gallardo Farms carrots into a creamy spread, topped with fresh flowers and homemade gomasio (toasted sesame seeds and sea salt).

Get the recipes here


Grill Party!

Sponsor: Bianchini’s Market

Time to celebrate Father’s Day with market foods to grill. We start by blending Gallardo’s Organic Farms strawberries with market strawberry jam, ketchup and herbs for a fresh strawberry BBQ sauce, served alongside market Garlic Spread and Black and White Sesame bread from Little Sky Bakery of Menlo Park.

Gather up produce you may never have thought to grill such as kohlrabi, long beans, Jimmie Nardello peppers, and daikon radish, marinate in the Best Marinade, and grill.

Serve alongside Blended Burger, a 60% 40% mix of mushrooms and beef. Use any kind of mushroom, but for fantastic flavor and texture look for these at the market….

Pioppino adds a secret beefy flavor

and use Lion’s Mane for a texture that tricks any meat eater.

Grind the mushrooms in a food processor till minced, combine with Bianchini’s grassfed beef, minced onion, and spices,

and ask if people can detect the secret ingredient (most often they can’t).

Finish your party with grilled stone fruit and brush on butter, instead of oil for the best results.

A unique choice are Apriums, a hybrid of apricot and nectarine.


Easter Brunch

Sponsor: Bianchini’s Market

Darn, you still need a recipe for Sunday brunch. Something different, but homey too. Oh gosh, and the new friend is a vegetarian.

Tasting Menu

Fresh Fruit and Cheese Blintzes

with farms Gallardo, Esquivel, Victorian Farmstead & Hidden Star

Potato and Tempeh Sausage

with farms Gallardo & Thomas Fogarty

We ground up tempeh (plant-based soy protein) in a food processor and marinated it in vegetable stock, soy sauce, and our local market wine, Thomas Fogarty Chardonnay. This mixed with Gallardo blanched potatoes and Whiskey Oak Steak seasoning, turned into our vegan Potato Tempeh Sausages.

Then an easy mix of cottage and ricotta cheese (the best you can find) made up the filling for our Cheese Blintzes (here made with gluten free flour and almond milk.

Blintzes with Berries

Potato Tempeh Sausages

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