Building Blocks of Healthy Cooking


Building Blocks of Healthy Cooking is a 3-class series featuring vegetables, whole grains and clean protein. Each class builds on the other, and at the end of the series you’ve gained the knowledge to put quickly cook prepare tasty, healthful meals with foods you already have on hand.


Eat More Vegetables

Eat More Vegetables is the first class of the series. We start with the science behind vegetables and why people don’t eat more.

One reason is because vegetable prep is a whole-hell of a lot more fun with a sharp knife and most knives aren’t sharp. Yes, that’s your knife! So first we teach knife sharpening skills.

Using vegetables of the season, we also discuss the Secrets of vegetables, Seasoning Lesson #1 & #2, and how to enhance flavor with caramelization, a scientific process that happens when carbohydrates reach 330F or higher.

Fall Star series features: celery root, parsnip, turnip, sunchoke and rutabega.



We roasted four of the root veggies:


And grilled the sunchokes/ Jerusalem artichokes with Easiest Marinade (equal parts olive oil, balsamic and soy sauce)

Have you ever had a grilled sunchoke? Or jicama for that matter? We discuss grilling unexpected vegetables, any time of year.


We introduce the EZ Seasoning system (think salt and pepper with a college education), and demo a number of seasonal vegetable combinations.


Here’s what we make in the fall class…


A veggie plate for the ages, including roasted and grilled seasonal veggies with Easiest Marinade, Kale Almond Butter Rollups, Maple Dijon Brussels Sprouts, and Carrots with cumin and mustard seeds, lime and fresh turmeric.

Come back in early 2019 for pix of class #2, Great Grains & the Grain Bowl – Hot and Cold.

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