Hello and thank you for contacting Laura Stec—Innovative Cuisine

We offer culinary solutions for home, office and the Industry with services as:

  • Chef
  • Culinary Health Educator
  • Corporate wellness classes and fairs
  • Menu and Product Development
  • Writer | Speaker

My cooking and food pairing classes for business, schools and organizations add a unique and fun addition to wellness programs and special events. Think of me as the “culinary entertainment” with a little education thrown in when no one is looking. I also teach private classes in your home for all ages. Have your kids cook you dinner tonight!

My lectures and writings connect easy cooking techniques that build confidence and enjoyment in the kitchen with current food trends and topics. They draw from my book, my weekly newspaper column – The Food Party! and over 20 years in food service wearing all types of hats (and toques).

As chef, I prepare delicious, creative foods, products and fun events for households, dinner parties, corporate events and the Industry. Partnering for years with local farmers, we highlight the seasons, and the connections between a healthy people, community and planet.  I love a good party and bring a customized touch to every event and project. You and I work together to organize the details to your preferences and budget. As private chef, I have extensive experience cooking for families, and for households with allergies and specific conditions such as gluten free, paleo, macrobiotic, vegetarian, vegan; but we cook everything!

See a gallery of past work and clients on the blog.

“One of the most inventive gourmet artists around.”

—San Jose Metro