Welcome to Laura Stec—Innovative Cuisine


We now offer our corporate suite of classes as live, online, cook-along-with-the-chef, sessions. Contact Laura for more info, and new classes.

I offer culinary solutions for home, office and industry:

  • Corporate Wellness Teacher – classes and fairs
  • Culinary Health Educator -series and single events
  • Writer / Speaker -all hands/annual meetings, team building
  • Menu and Product Development – industry and corporate
  • Chef – private and special catered events

My cooking classes and presentations for business, schools and organizations are a creative addition to wellness programs and special events… a unique mix of culinary entertainment and education.

To build confidence and enjoyment in the kitchen, I pair lectures about current food trends and topics with easy cooking techniques, drawn from my book, and weekly newspaper column – The Food Party! You and your team will benefit from my broad experience of more than 25 years in food service wearing all types of hats – and toques!

I’ve worked on products and projects ranging from how food effects our gut microbiome with Stanford University, and raising heritage chickens in Pescadero, to teaching anyone, everywhere how to eat delicious, healthy and fast. I teach how to enjoy cooking, inspired by flavor, and the ways a healthy environment and delicious food go hand-in-hand.

My life-long passion has been the connections between food, the environment and health; it inspires my cooking which is plant-forward, seasonal, high-vibe and farm-focused. (See my upcoming classes at farmers markets though out the Bay area) I specialize in vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, and gluten free, preferring local, grass-fed and wild animal products as a side dish.

I love a good celebration and bring a customized touch to every event and project. You and I work together to create a special memory in harmony with your preferences and budget.

See a gallery of past work and clients on the blog.

“One of the most inventive gourmet artists around.”

—San Jose Metro